10 Startup Facts Panel at the University of Washington

If you’re in Seattle and want to learn more about what it’s like to work at a startup, you should attend a panel I’m in on May 2nd at 3:30 in the UW CSE building.  Glenn Kelman (Redfin CEO), Christophe Bisciglia (WibiData CEO), Oren Etzioni (UW CSE professor and entrepreneur/investor), and Dan Weld (UW CSE professor and entrepreneur/investor) will be on the panel with me.  More details about location/time here.  Below I’ll tell the story about why I’m organizing the panel.

I’ve been writing this blog for almost 5 years now, and BY FAR the most popular post I’ve ever had was 10 Facts About Working at a Startup vs. a Big Company.  About 30k people have read the post, and I’ve received a huge amount of interaction in comments, Twitter, etc.  The whole process has been a wild experience for me.  But most importantly, I’ve learned that there needs to be a lot more education about startups.  People don’t really know how amazing working at a startup can be.

Startup education and evangelism is especially lacking at the University of Washington’s CSE program.  The CS program at UW is world-class.  The quality of graduating students is incredibly high.  Yet the HUGE majority of them take jobs at mega-large companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Amazon.  I get so sad envisioning these awesome engineers working in a cubicle at some gigantic company, where they may make some small impact if they get lucky with a good team.

I originally wrote the “10 facts” blog post to try and show my friends why they should work at a startup, in particular at a startup I’m doing right now :).  My original blog post inspired me to put together the panel I mentioned in the intro to this blog post.  My hope is that Glenn, Christophe, Dan, Oren, and myself can inspire the UW CSE community to consider working at a startup.

I hope to see you on May 2nd!  Bring your friends, invite others that may be interested.  Even if we don’t convince you to work at a startup, at least you’ll understand what they’re all about.  See here for more details about the panel — location, time, etc.