Here We Go Again – Introducing MemCachier

The last nine months have been a practice in self discovery — I’ve been keeping myself busy trying out startup ideas, consulting, and talking to investors and other entrepreneurs.  I’m pleased to say that the search has been postponed for now.  I’m working on MemCachier, a better memcache for Heroku.  And I’m working on it for the long run.  We’re going to turn MemCachier into a thriving business, and I’m stoked for the opportunity!

MemCachier provides a caching service to web developers that gives them an easier, cheaper way to scale their website.  Currently it’s available as an addon in Heroku.  Nerd stuff, I know.  But the reality is that I’m a nerd and I’m good at nerd stuff.  I couldn’t be more excited.  I’m working with Amit and his lab mate, David — the three of us make a great founding team.

Amit started building MemCachier about six months ago.  He launched it in private, then public beta on Heroku.  And earlier this week we launched into general availability.  Times are very exciting, and I’m stoked to have been invited by Amit to work on this with him.  My primary responsibilities will be on the business/company side of things, although I expect I’ll write a little code here and there as well.

MemCachier isn’t an entirely new concept — memcached has been around for a long time for websites who manage their own servers.  But memcached hasn’t yet been offered as an easy, managed solution in the cloud.  Enter MemCachier: the primary goal is to make caching easy for developers.

Anyway, I thought I’d update you guys with what I’ve been working on.  If any of you use a cache in Heroku, EC2, or anywhere, I’d LOVE to get your feedback.