Introducing BreakStreak

I’d like to introduce my newest project: BreakStreak.  BreakStreak helps you get into a routine.  It does this in a few key ways:

  1. You sign up to perform a routine, say cooking or working out, along with a specified number per week.  Every time you accomplish your goal, progress gets added to your “streak.”  Eventually your streak will get so long that you won’t ever want to break it and start over.
  2. You can create incentives for keeping your streak — although incentives are optional.  For example, if you break your streak, you can have a SMS and/or email be sent to friends.  You won’t break the streak if you know your friends will find out.  You can also donate $1 to charity for each activity you don’t perform for a given routine.  30% of that $1 is kept by BreakStreak to help operate the website.  Again, these incentives are optional.

I built BreakStreak because there are so many things I wish I spent more time doing, in particular cooking and meditating.  And many of my friends have the same problem, too.  BreakStreak is designed to help us set a goal and stick to it.  My hope is that BreakStreak can be a common and useful tool for helping each of us hack our lives better, with the sole goal of making us happier and more proud of our accomplishments.  A friend of mine, Brian, has helped me with much of the brainstorming and product ideas.

Give it a try at!  And let me know if you have any thoughts or feedback.