Introducing CriticallyIn

ножи для траворезки своими руками I’ve begun building a bunch of prototypes for ideas I have had over the last few years, each an experiment to see if my ideas have legs.  My goal is to turn one of these ideas into a business as soon as one is validated.  I’d like to tell you about the first of these experiments, CriticallyIn. касторама садовая мебель каталог продавец консультант правила работы

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где хранятся рисунки CriticallyIn let’s you create an event that requires a minimum RSVP in order for the event to take place.  There is a certain class of event that needs to hit critical mass in order for the experience to be enjoyable (think flash mobs, silent dance parties, protests, etc).  CriticallyIn was built to help plan and organize those such events.

2001 год какого амитивилль экзорцизм 2017 трейлер I’m using CriticallyIn to plan my Bay to Breakers MC Hammer theme, along with gauge interest for a faux cycling celebration flash mob idea I have.

психология в схемах и таблицах карта пензы улица калинина I’m not going to promote CriticallyIn that heavily, because at this point I’m solely interested in running an experiment and learning from the early users of the product.  If you plan an event or attend one, please let me know if you have any feedback or thoughts.  And while I’m here, feel free to fill out a survey for me here :).  Enjoy!

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