Mindfulness and Meditation Resources

I’ve received several requests for mindfulness and meditation resources. I’ll share my favorites in this post

Background / Introduction

I got into meditation several months ago, and it’s now a big part of my life.  Just like I look to running or cycling for physical training, mindfulness and meditation are great ways to relax and stretch our minds.

I spend most of my time listening to Dharma talks and following guided meditations.  Dharma talks are typically 60-minute talks that are about self, subjects ranging from fear to death to love and joy.

Dharma Talks

A huge repository of dharma talks are available here: dharmaseed.org.  Click on “talks” and either view the most recent talks (there’s an RSS feed, too), or search for things like “forgiveness” or “difficulty” or “love,” whatever you’re interested in hearing.  These are talks about life and self, and they’re very interesting perspectives.  They are not meditations. My favorite teachers are Jack Kornfield, and any monastic, e.g. Thanissara and Kittisaro.


My all-time favorite mindfulness and meditation book is Fear, by Thich Nhat Hanh.

Guided Meditations

There are good, free guided meditations at the UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center. This short meditation is great, too, and anything from Dr. Robert Foster.  Jack Kornfield has wonderful guided meditations for sale, too [1], as does Tara Brach. I enjoy meditations on loving kindness, forgiveness, breathing, awareness, joy, and working with difficulties.

What I tend to do is meditate 2-3 times per week, for anywhere from 5-45 minutes each.  I listen to a Dharma talks on the bus, car ride, or while working out.  The Dharma talks provide the perspective, and the meditations are practices, like lifting mind weights that produce happiness instead of big muscles.

[1] Jack’s CD collection comes with two CDs, each with three meditations. The three meditations are combined into one long audio track, making it hard to jump around between meditations. To help with this, I’ve copy-pasted the start and end of each meditation below.

Breathing Meditation:
session: 1
start: 5:17
end: 28:15

Loving Kindness (Metta):
session: 1
start: 33:47
end: 55:45

session: 1
start: 1:00:37
end: (end of session)

Working with Difficulties:
session: 2
start: 1:19
end: 11:50

Gratitude and Joy:
session: 2
start: 15:00
end: 27:25

Mind like sky
session: 2
start: 29:20
end: (end of session)