Your True Inner Voice

I have a friend who is very unhappy with his job.  He mentioned to me that he applied for an internal position in a different department that sounded interesting to him, but the department never responded to his application.  Eventually he decided to email the VP in charge of the department.  No response.  Driven to change his bad work situation, he considered going to the VP’s office and pitching he or she in person.  But he decided against visiting the VP.  He let his timidness outweigh his ambition.  He let his timid inner voice win over his ambitious inner voice.  This post isn’t about being ambitious, though.  It’s about finding your true inner voice.

We all reach forks in our path through life, faced with the decision to do or not do something.  Often these decisions are influenced heavily by our current mood or state of mind.  If you’re feeling sad or tired, you’ll be less ambitious.  Whereas if you’re feeling energized and excited, the world is your ouster and you can do anything you want.

Again, this post isn’t about being ambitious, because not everyone is.  You can’t just one day become more confident in yourself and all of a sudden be ready to tackle the world.  Instead you need to find that inner voice that you believe is a true representation of yourself — that above all other voices relates most to your person.  If you’re faced with a decision to be timid or ambitious, and you think of yourself as being timid, then let that voice rule over all others.  But if you think you’re rooted in ambition, never let any fear, phobia, or concern get in your way of accomplishing what you set your eye on.

Finding your true inner voice is challenging; it takes time.  And it’s scary.  I find myself, both while working and snowboarding or snowmobiling, asking myself if I should jump off that cliff, pitch that famous investor, or speak in front of a large audience.  I’ve decided that I’m ambitious — that I should never hesitate to take a challenge that’s important to me.  Unfortunately I’m visited by my anxious and nervous side more often than I’d like.  So I try my best to remind myself why I’m on top of that cliff or behind that speaking podium — my true inner voice is ambition.  I won’t let anything else dampen that voice.

The next time you’re faced with a decision or opportunity, recognize those inner voices at play, and pick the one that you think is the representation of yourself.  And love yourself for it.  If you’re not an ambitious person, don’t beat yourself up for it.  Stay true to yourself, because that’s all you have.