An Ode to Entrepreneurs

In light of Steve Jobs, I want us to remember why we’re here today. Steve took a risk to start Apple, NeXT, and Pixar. Yet the risk and all the odds against him didn’t prevent him from achieving what was true in his heart.

During times of stress, worry, and fear, let us remember that we’re here because we’re following our hearts. Somehow it knows the way forward. We need to trust it, trust ourselves, and success, in whatever form it takes, will come.  We are different than other people because we believe in something bigger than ourselves.  We believe in something no one else truly understands.  And only by listening to our heart, by letting it guide us, can we grace the world with the creative beauty we all are capable of.  Throw away the status quo, the feedback of critics.  None of that matters.

Let us always remember this. Never forget why we’re here, why we’re taking this risk. We believe in something big. And that belief will guide us through hell and back, through endless lines of code, through constant torment from skeptics and competitors, to something beautiful and bigger than all of us.  Never forget this, no matter how dark times get.  Never let your creativity be shunned by anything.

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Update: Fred Wilson has a nice farewell piece which compliments my post.