Here’s to Love

I can’t help but exclaim to the world my feelings at this moment.  I’m constantly cognizant of the beautiful people around me, their friendship and love always lifting my mood and spirit, inspiring me to give the same affection I so happily receive.  Though once a year, multiplied by the connectedness that is modern social media, I especially feel the love of all the amazing people around me.  Yesterday was my birthday.

Greedily I wish I could spend every waking moment with those people I love.  Yet circumstances always get in the way — bills need paying, alone time recharges.  And sometimes other focuses shift my priorities.  I’ve always gone through periods of solitude, for example when I was training for a 207-mile bike ride.  And I expect very soon I’ll enter another period of solitude, when I devote myself to a software product that will hopefully change the world.  Friendship and family, though at times of solitude less celebrated with dinner outings and other fun events, are what keeps me going in these times of solitude; when training or work darken my person, love is the light that shines through, fueled by the support and inspiration of everyone in my life.

Thanks to everyone that has been a part of my life.  You’re my inspiration, my purpose.  My largest hope is that I can return the favor.