My First “Business”

My friend Keishi and I met playing Counter Strike when we were 15 years old during our freshman year of high school.  At the time I tried to start a web consultancy shop, where I made all the HTML and he made all the graphics.  I originally learned HTML trying to make a Geocities website for a clan I was in.  Eventually I moved on to running a Counter Strike server on a Linux machine, complete with a stats PHP page and everything.

Anyway, Keishi and I had one customer, Paul, and Paul didn’t have any money.  Hence, we didn’t make any money, either.  Some business, right?  Thanks to the internet archive, I’ve found both our corporate website (or at least most of it), AND Paul’s website.  Get ready for some 2001, 15-year-old internet awesomeness, complete with <table> tags and everything.  Here’s the corporate website:

And here’s Paul’s website, ArcadeGamez (with a z):

Those websites are better than Geocities, people!  Speaking of which, unfortunately I couldn’t find my Geocities Counter Strike clan website.  Let me just tell you though, it was AWESOME!