My First “Business”

My friend Keishi and I met playing Counter Strike when we were 15 years old during our freshman year of high school.  At the time I tried to start a web consultancy shop, where I made all the HTML and he made all the graphics.  I originally learned HTML trying to make a Geocities website for a clan I was in.  Eventually I moved on to running a Counter Strike server on a Linux machine, complete with a stats PHP page and everything.

Anyway, Keishi and I had one customer, Paul, and Paul didn’t have any money.  Hence, we didn’t make any money, either.  Some business, right?  Thanks to the internet archive, I’ve found both our corporate website (or at least most of it), AND Paul’s website.  Get ready for some 2001, 15-year-old internet awesomeness, complete with <table> tags and everything.  Here’s the corporate website:

And here’s Paul’s website, ArcadeGamez (with a z):

Those websites are better than Geocities, people!  Speaking of which, unfortunately I couldn’t find my Geocities Counter Strike clan website.  Let me just tell you though, it was AWESOME!

The Headlands Raiders Take the Presidio

Two weeks ago my morning ride friends and I defeated a long standing king-of-the-mountain.  That morning I emailed the Mission Cycling list with the following email.  I thought I’d post it on the blog for archival purposes, and for anyone else that may be amused :).

The Mission Cycling morning raiders rode off into the Headlands, bypassing the Hawk Hill construction by riding through the tunnel and up McCullough Road, finally making their way to the top of Hawk Hill.  24 be the number of raiders on this day, some, such as the young Matt, slowed by wounds of recent battles.  Others making their first raid in years, Chris finally back from his time far East.  Many PR-ed the mighty hill.  But the Headlands would not be the setting for this morning’s victory, no.  The battle would be set in the Presidio.

Since the early ages, Silas, known in some parts as The Rocket, has owned the Presidio Sprint segment.  We morning raiders have tried time and time again to slay him off his mountain, but failed we have, over and over again, until now …  Whispers spoke of a Legend, who until recently lay quiet in his lair, distracted by the upbringing of his first son, that might slay the mighty Rocket.

The battle started with Jay leading out the raid well before the Presidio Sprint.  Many rode in his wake, sheltered from the fierce resistance created by the epic speed of Jay’s effort.  But Jay, like all warriors when they’ve done their duty for their fellow riders, had given everything.  So I, Alex, gave every ounce of effort I had to lead the remaining raiders as far down the Sprint as I could.  Kevin, leader of us all, attacked, eventually shattered with his valiant and mythical effort.  Finally, with only two turns to go, Matt attacked, hammering his way to the finish, The Legend, Ken, Yann, and Robert on his wheel.

This morning Silas’ reign ceased on the contested Presidio Sprint battle field, beaten by Joe, The Legend, father of one, husband to one.  Joe, The Legend, is now king of the mountain (sprint).  But the other raiders, friends of his perhaps, wait quietly in the shadows, scheming for the next morning of legends when the KOM will fall.

Well done, Joe.

Check out the ride on Strava.