San Francisco

I’m settled in San Francisco!  I arrived Saturday evening after a six-hour drive from Los Angeles.  The drive wasn’t bad at all; I had the stereo blasting, singing along like there was no tomorrow.

Eric, Eric’s friend, Nick, and I took it easy Saturday evening in preparation for a long Sunday.  In summary, Sunday consisted of a trip to IKEA, the assembling of furniture, a visit to Matt, and dinner with Sierra.  It was a rather eventful day.

Eric and I are living in the Castro Haight, which seems to be an awesome neighborhood, though I haven’t had much time to explore yet.  My first impression of San Francisco is that it’s an awesome town, with plenty to see and do.  What’s exciting me the most now, though, is my settlement in one place for an extended period of time.  I’ve mentioned before how drained I have been from hopping around Europe, Los Angeles, Cape Cod, and China; I am so, so happy to be staying in one place for a long time — to not have to pack and unpack my life.

Hello, San Francisco, you have much exploring to be host to.

  • we actually live in the haight :P

  • Whoops :). Updated!

  • YOU LIVE IN THE HAIGHT???? DOOD, clear yr couch. I am moving in now. Man. I haven’t showered in like…a long time. I smell horrible. I need to live there. Man. Can’t wait. Jefferson Airplane all day long! I just finished re-reading “Electric Acid Kool-Aid Test,” I am ready to get wild. Sicc. Hmm, what kind of weird things have you been eating at this location. Little pills? Have you met my friend Tim Leary???

  • Dang, dude! This is the most enthusiastic comment I’ve ever seen. You must like the Haight! You got a place to crash whenever you’re in the area ;).