San Francisco-Bound

There’s been a change of plans!  I’m flying back to Los Angeles on September 21st, only to be leaving a few days later to move to San Francisco, permanently.

A few factors have influenced this decision, the leading factor being visa complications along with a few other things.

I’m sad to be leaving Shanghai after just a month, but I’m insanely excited to be moving to San Francisco.  After over four years, I am finally returning to California, the land of milk and hunny, my adolescent stomping ground, my home.  I’m a short drive to Los Angeles, a short drive to some surf, a short drive to Tahoe snowmobiling, a short drive to Mammoth snowboarding, a short drive to canyoneering, a short drive to river rafting, and a short drive to all the other adventures that I’ve had in this wonderful state.  Mmmmmmm.

I’ve even considered turning into a wilderness man with a scruffy beard and long hair, though I’ve retired the idea for now.  Instead I decided to post some photos of great California memories.

California, here I come!!!