• Ooooh perty. I heard pandas live in apartments there. Take a picture of a panda wearing a bathrobe watching TV, that would be cool.

  • I heard the same thing. Stay tuned!

  • Panda

    Wow, nice pics of some familiar spots. I actually forgot my camera when I went to Shanghai…

  • Dude! You probably could have bought one for pretty cheap. Oh well. Good to hear from you, Panda!

  • liz

    What?! Pandas in bathrobes? What a glorious city you live in. Great photos Alex. I am glad to see that crazy camera is getting good use. It was only in my hands for a short time but I miss it dearly…just as I miss you dearly. Anyway, good luck shooting those damn useless pandas.

  • Thanks, Liz! Miss you too!