San Francisco

I’m settled in San Francisco!  I arrived Saturday evening after a six-hour drive from Los Angeles.  The drive wasn’t bad at all; I had the stereo blasting, singing along like there was no tomorrow.

Eric, Eric’s friend, Nick, and I took it easy Saturday evening in preparation for a long Sunday.  In summary, Sunday consisted of a trip to IKEA, the assembling of furniture, a visit to Matt, and dinner with Sierra.  It was a rather eventful day.

Eric and I are living in the Castro Haight, which seems to be an awesome neighborhood, though I haven’t had much time to explore yet.  My first impression of San Francisco is that it’s an awesome town, with plenty to see and do.  What’s exciting me the most now, though, is my settlement in one place for an extended period of time.  I’ve mentioned before how drained I have been from hopping around Europe, Los Angeles, Cape Cod, and China; I am so, so happy to be staying in one place for a long time — to not have to pack and unpack my life.

Hello, San Francisco, you have much exploring to be host to.

San Francisco-Bound

There’s been a change of plans!  I’m flying back to Los Angeles on September 21st, only to be leaving a few days later to move to San Francisco, permanently.

A few factors have influenced this decision, the leading factor being visa complications along with a few other things.

I’m sad to be leaving Shanghai after just a month, but I’m insanely excited to be moving to San Francisco.  After over four years, I am finally returning to California, the land of milk and hunny, my adolescent stomping ground, my home.  I’m a short drive to Los Angeles, a short drive to some surf, a short drive to Tahoe snowmobiling, a short drive to Mammoth snowboarding, a short drive to canyoneering, a short drive to river rafting, and a short drive to all the other adventures that I’ve had in this wonderful state.  Mmmmmmm.

I’ve even considered turning into a wilderness man with a scruffy beard and long hair, though I’ve retired the idea for now.  Instead I decided to post some photos of great California memories.

California, here I come!!!

Book in Review: His Dark Material

I just finished reading Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy.  The first book, also a motion picture, is The Golden Compass, followed by The Subtle Kinfe, and concluded with The Amber Spyglass.

Wow was this trilogy AWESOME.  His Dark Materials has a special place in my heart right alongside Harry Potter.  I couldn’t put the third book down, and I greatly enjoyed the first two.  This is a fantasy trilogy, where Pullman creates a wonderful world with all sorts of mystery, adventure, and wildness.

His Dark Materials is a must read if you’re a fantasy fan and if you enjoy Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings.  I LOVE IT!!!!  Every few chapters I would throw the book down and run around skipping and clapping.  Holy shit.  I still think HP7 was the best thing that ever happened to me, but these books are WILD!  Just as I wish I was Harry Potter himself, I wish I was Will Parry running around with Lyra Silvertounge.  Who wouldn’t want to?  She’s hot.

Check out the box set here.