Prague, Czech Republic

Prague was a blast, and the beer was CHEAP. Most beers were around $1.50 for a 1/2 liter at the bar, and store bought beer was even cheaper. I bring up beer because it was the highlight for us, though Prague has tons more to offer than just beer.

Prague is host to the largest castle in all of Europe, along with plenty of very old churches, buildings, and streets. It’s an utterly beautiful city, and it was one of my favorite stops, though I think I make that claim for most cities :).

My favorite sight in Prague was the Letna Park beer garden. Located on top of a large hill right on the edge of the city, the garden has an unbelievable view of the entire city, and the beer is flowing. It was so wonderful that we went at least twice, once to picnic and the other times just to drink. Karlovy Lazne, the 5-story night club, was also tons of fun. We dominated the 80s floor, shredding on top of the ever changing blocks of light — yellow, red, green, white, yellow. We also ate some good food in the Jewish quarter. Mmmmmm.

War story: There’s a bar in Prague that has a tap on each table. The amount of beer each table drinks is recorded on a leader board, and Dustin and I went to play. The two of us managed to get our table in first place, despite us only being two and others being four. It was awesome, but our reign of terror only lasted for a short moment, at which point the four-person tables began to dominate.

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