Berlin, Germany

Berlin was without a doubt my favorite city. So much has happened to the city in the 20th century, which makes playing tourist totally relateable and lots of fun. What’s even more amazing is how cheap everything is. My favorite museum ever, the Jewish Museum, had a 2.50 euro entrance fee. Beers cost 2.00 euro at the club. HUGE Doner Kebabs (I drool just thinking about them) cost 2.70 euro and could cure any hangover imaginable.

The list of sights goes on forever, but I’ll just list them anyway:

  • Holocaust Memorial: cannot explain, must see to understand
  • Rechstag: place where Hitler took over, then where communists took over
  • Brandenburger Gate: place of many famous political speaches
  • Unter den Linden: downtown of East Berlin pre-wall-falling
  • Berlin Wall: self explanatory
  • Peace Churches: awesome pair of churches
  • Book-burning Memorial: really neat
  • Dali exhibit: he’s crazy
  • Clubs: Berlin is the clubbing capital of Europe
  • Tacheles: the only remaining Eastern pre-wall-falling building, covered in graffiti, and awesome
  • Hackesher Market: foooood
  • Pergamon Museum: Babylonian museum with Pergamon Altar and Ishtar Gate
  • Checkpoint Charlie: American checkpoint when the wall was up
  • Jewish Museum: best museum EVER. Worth an entire blog post (see below)
  • East Side Gallery: long section of the wall that’s still standing
  • Karl Marx Alley: Berlin’s landmark
  • C-Base: computer nerd convention center / hang-out zone. I felt right at home :)

We spent six nights in Berlin, and I wish we spent an entire month. Seriously. This place was AWESOME. There is a huge selection of unbelievable food, ranging from Turkish to Italian to German to French, etc etc. The public transportation is also the best I’ve ever seen, so you can go anywhere at almost any time. I also really enjoyed the Berlin locals; most were very friendly and outgoing. We met a hole bunch of really fun people.

War story: during the week, the metro (subway) stops running at 12:30am and starts again at 4:00am. This means that if you go clubbing, you pretty much have to come back after 4:00am. We went to a local club and danced the night away to the totally radical DJ absolutely shredding all night long. The drinks were cheap, and the company was awesome. We stayed out until about 4:30am and heard later that some of our friends were out until 9:00am. RIDICULOUS! One dude clubbed until 8:00am, stayed awake and went to a beer festival, drank all day at the beer festival, clubbed again that night, and finally slept at 6:00am after being awake for 43 hours. People club hard in Berlin.

Berlin is a must-stop city on a Europe trip. I absolutely loved it. GO!

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