Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg was the first city we visited that I could actually see myself living in. Nestled in the mountains and centered around an ancient, epic castle, the city, with a population of just 140,000, has tons of character to latch on to. It lacks mainstream sights, which creates an atmosphere that never made me feel like a tourist, though the friendly locals helped as well.

We greatly enjoyed the meat-and-bear-centered diet, though I admit I wasn’t able to enjoy it to its fullest due to a bad sickness I caught while in Salzburg. During the day we found beautiful places to sit and think and drink and eat, and it was wonderful. Salzburg is one of those places that, when described to friends, doesn’t sound that appealing. But when visited, Salzburg doesn’t cease to amaze. Salzburg was my second favorite city that we visited, and I’ve heard many people refer to it as their favorite European city.

Totally worth mentioning is the train between Venice and Salzburg. The train weaved through valleys and under mountains of the Italian and Austrian Alps, where every so often little towns with numerous ski chair lifts would be visible through the thick, green trees surrounding the train tracks. The trip was magnificent and really made me want to return in the winter with my snowboard gear at the ready.

If you travel to Europe, then Salzburg should definitely be a priority. I absolutely loved it.

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