Nice, France

Naughty Nice wasn’t that naughty in our experience, probably because we were too cheap to go out much. As expensive as Nice is, there’s plenty of cheap eats and activities to occupy the time of a starving college student. And by expensive I mean insanely expensive; we watched the Eurocup championship, where Spain met Germany, at an English Pub and spent 7 euro ($10.50) on a pint of beer. It was terrible. We spent plenty of time at the pebble beach, learning how to juggle with rocks and finding large rocks to pull us to the ocean floor while we ran across it. We did splurge on one or two meals, and the food was wonderful.

The highlight of our Nice stay was our trip to Monaco, the richest country in the world. Our mode of transportation was 125cc rental scooters that only cost 36 euro for the entire day. We made the 30-minute scooter to Monaco, checked out the scene, and scooted back. While we were in Monaco we saw the Monte Carlo a.k.a. BALLER casino, tons of sick cars, ridiculous yachts, and the palace. I’ve never seen so many Bentleys and Rolls Royces in one place, and each car had a driver as well!

War story: none of us can read French, and Monaco street sign signs aren’t that comprehensive for non-French speaking people. On our way back from Monaco, Dustin led us onto a freeway with a 90 kmph speed limit; our scooters maxed out at 50 kmph. No sooner than we realized the blunder, a Porsche screamed by us going what we thought was 150 kmph. We ended up turning around, got off the freeway, and made our way back the correct way.

War story: to put a scooter on its kickstand, you have to pull the scooter back towards you and kick the kickstand down. Dan and I were putting my scooter on its kickstand, and as we pulled the scooter back the boiling hot muffler touched Dan’s leg. He got a pretty good burn. Watch out for the mufflers on scooters.

Nice was a lot of fun, but I wish we spent time in Cannes and Antibe, which are smaller cities in the French Riviera.

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