Munich, Germany

Munich was the largest party for us, because it was the first place where beer was actually affordable. We stayed in a hostel dorm room with 40 people and usually started off our evenings with a few drinks at the hostel bar (by the way, we stayed at Jaeger’s Hostel). The hostel was uncomfortable at times for obvious reasons, but it was an incredible place to meet fun, outgoing people. I covered our first and most epic night in an earlier post, and most other nights had the same theme – meet fun people, eat a lot of meat, and drink more beer than ever before.

Going out in the evening in Munich works a little different than anywhere else I’ve ever been. Being the capital of Bavaria, a beer-centered culture whose infrastructure seems built for the efficient consumption of beautiful bubbly beer, beer gardens (or beer halls) are everywhere. A beer garden is basically a very large building that people go to first to drink beer and second and third to eat and socialize, respectively. These places are centered around beer, and each garden only serves beer made at that particular garden: the beers of Munich. Working men walk around in lederhosen and the women waitresses wear traditional Bavarian dresses. We fell in love with this culture and went to a number of different beer gardens: Hofbrauhaus, Augustiner Keller, Augustiner Braustuberl, and Viktualienmarkt. Hofbrauhaus is the most mainstream garden of them all, and it’s easily the most touristy. We liked Hofbrauhaus the least, but I suppose it’s one of those landmarks that everyone has to visit. On the contrary, the Augustiner Braustuberl was hands down the best beer hall.

Apart from going out at night, we managed to do a lot during the day as well that wasn’t as beer-centric. We took a trip to Dachau, the first ever internment camp. The experience was indescribable, so refer to the photos instead. We also visited Neuschwanstein Castle, which is the castle that influenced the Walt Disney castle.

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