Brussels, Belgium

Brussels was a ton of fun. We stayed at a really neat hostel and enjoyed the quant little city, despite our massive jetlag. First on our list was wonderful Belgium beer and waffles, which were both enjoyed at 10:00am the morning after our evening in Amsterdam.

Belgium, being so small, doesn’t have many sights or destinations, so most of our time was spent walking around, eating, and drinking. This was fun, because the beer was exquisite and the food was good as well. We discovered the magic of Turkish Snack Shops and Doner Kebab Shops, which are cheap places to get awesome food. The French fries, or frites, in Belgium were also insanely good.

Totally worth mentioning is the Delirium Cafe, which is a bar that holds the world record for the most beers. Their beer list, made up of around 2600 beers, is the size of a phone book. We had Piraat, St. Bernardus, Kwak, Delirium Tremens, and many others.

Inside the Delirium Cafe.

Outside the Delirium Cafe with Flavio.

The square in Brussels.

Waffles.  Mmmmm.

The beer list a.k.a. PHONE BOOK.

Kwak cheers.

The crew at the bar.

Learn more about my Europe trip here.

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  • Whoa….that’s a lot of brews. But the waffles…that is too much. So awesome. But beer with the waffles? Man, I dunno…Don’t seem right. I think milk is better. But when in romeeeeeee.

  • We get it, Alex. Your trip was awesome.


  • John

    Good to see you on the Cape on Sunday. Hope your trip to China goes well. Some day we will have to figure out a way to get you up to our house in Lovell, in the western foothills of Maine, where we can spend an evening at Ebenezer’s Pub, behind the second green at the Lake Kezar golf course, with the largest selection of Belgian beers I have ever seen stateside. (Not quite a phone book, but impressive nonetheless for a converted farmhouse out in the middle of nowhere.) The owners are Southern California transplants who like nothing more than to have you sit at the bar and sample as many of their offerings as you can handle and still find your way to the door.
    Safe travels.

    John & Carol