Amsterdam, Netherlands, Part 1

Our first visit to Amsterdam was very brief, because Dan wasn’t interested in spending much time there, and Morgan, joining us on the latter half of the trip, badly wanted to see Amsterdam. The decision was made to only stay in Amsterdam a night and save the city for the latter half. We reserved the cheapest hostel we could and didn’t even plan on seeing downtown.

We arrived in Amsterdam airport at 12:30am after a hugely delayed flight and couldn’t figure out how to get to our oddly located hostel. The decision was made to sleep in the Amsterdam train station, so we started setting up camp only to learn that the train station closed at 1:00 or 2:00am. We broke down camp and headed for the city. We bar hopped as long as we could, until about 4:00am, and bummed around the city for a few hours after that. We then caught the 6:00am or so train to Brussels and slept for the entire train ride.

It was an adventure being in Amsterdam with no place to stay. Being new travelers we were totally scared, but the night brought us together with a few fun locals and some fun photo-shoots. It was a great experience and I’m somewhat glad that our hostel fell through.  We also utilized the public urinals that, at least in my opinion, should be installed everywhere.

Some random drunk dude we met in a bar.  He kept kissing Lindsay on the cheek.  Haha.

Amsterdam Central Station.

Nap time in the train station at 5:30am or so.

A photo of Dan taking a photo.

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