Berlin is Winner

We just arrived in Amsterdam after spending six nights in Berlin.  Berlin is the best large city I’ve ever spent time in.  While I’m here I should say that I plan to give each city its own detailed post once I’m back in the states and able to upload photos, so for now I’ll summarize.  I’ll also say that having traveled for a little over six weeks now, I’m getting tired and am ready for my return flight in a few days.

Berlin is probably so wonderful because its so new yet so historic.  All of the monuments, memorials, museums, and sites make sightseeing a multi-day excursion.  If sightseeing doesn’t take enough out of you, then there is a raging nightlife that can keep you awake until the mid-morning.  To top things off, everything is insanely cheap and residents are friendly and kind.

Without a doubt Berlin is the best city I’ve ever been to.  We’ll see what Shanghai has to offer, though.  I just wish I could have spent more time in the city; six nights wasn’t enough.