Prague and Berlin

Another quick update.  Prague was awesome — lots of history, sights, etc.  We’ve been in Berlin now for three nights with three more nights to go.  Berlin is unbelievable!  Everything here is cheap, the kebab shops are plentiful (2.70 Euro for a kebab), there are lots of late-night eats, the nightlife is wild, the city is clean and new, there is plenty to see and do, and it’s just all-around awesome.  For the first time in my life I left a club to be greeted with sunlight.

More to come soon but only one more week to go!

  • For the first time? :D Are you sure you went to the right places in Prague? Because that is a thing which we do maybe even too often here in Prague :) Try Karlovy Lazne or Roxy or Radost FX next time, Prague is one big party place when one knows where to go…

  • Boogyin ’til dawn? Barry?

  • Elen, for various circumstances we never stayed out insanely late in Prague. We did visit Karlovy Lazne, though, and it was wonderful! Prague was no joke, that’s for sure :). Regardless, thanks for the recommendations!

    Hart, I’m beginning to wonder the same thing myself.