More Munich and Prague

Munich was awesome.  My favorite city thus far for sure.  Everyone is insanely friendly, the food is fantastic, the beer is flowing, and everything is affordable.  We went to beer halls every night and sometimes at lunch.  A beer hall is basically a big place, sometimes outdoors and sometimes indoors, where parties share tables and most people, old and young, order large quantities of beer.  Typically you can only get the beer that the particular house brews, but one thing is always for sure, it’s all good.  Apart from the beer halls, we visited a concentration camp, Dachau, and a gangster castle, Neuschwanstein.

Despite all that has already been mentioned, the best part of Munich is the people.  The locals are insanely friendly, and lots of cool people flock to the capital of Bavaria.  We met a 40-year-old local named Biernhard, two patent lawyers, a ton of Australians, more Germans, some Canadians, some Spanish, a few Americans, etc.  I love it.

After five nights in Munich we left today for Prague.  The first impression is good — half liter beers for around $1, cool sights, and an insane hostel.  I’m super excited for the days to come.

Bonus story: China is being ridiculous with their visa policies now that the Olympics are coming up.  More information to come soon.

  • Wait: yr in the Olympics?? Sicc! And what exactly is a “gangser castle”? Like Cribs style?

    Oh yea.. I am working at the Seattle Times blog factory, and it is all about SEO… made me think of you….

  • I don’t get it. Gangster castle meaning huge, insane, awesome castle. It could totally be on Cribs if MTV extended it to Germany.

    Tell me all the SEO secrets!