I don’t have much time, but Salzburg deserves its own quick post.  Located in the Austrian Alps, nearly bordering Germany, Salzburg is absolutely stunning to say the least.  It’s surrounded by green mountains, ski resorts, and ice caves, making it quite a unique scene.  The city is very authentic and lacking tourists and the traps that follow them.  The food is fantastic, mostly meat, dumplings, and soup, and the beer gardens are BEER HEAVEN — liters for 5 euro, wonderful, greasy food for cheap, everyone sharing tables, cheers being made left and right.  I’m loving it here.

Salzburg is the first place I’ve come across in Europe that I could totally live at.  I want to return sometime in the Winter to see what the city really has to offer.

  • alex, i stumbled on your blog from facebook, and I must leave this comment to agree with you.

    STIEGL BEER and the Augustiner brau hold special places in my heart.

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  • Yeah man! Thank god al gore invented this internet thing. It’s crazy ;)

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