First Night in Munich

We hung out at our hostel bar, and two good looking girls sat next to me.  I started talking to them.  I find out they are bi-sexual sixteen-year-olds.  We got the hell out of there and went to get some food at a beer garden.  Food was fantastic — pork, pork, pork.    Our waiter told us we could steal the liter glasses; we did not even initiate the conversation!  We tipped him really, really well and left with the mugs under our coats.  Two blocks down his buddy shows up on a bike and takes the mugs back.  Shit.  We met two Irish dudes and did not understand a word they were saying.  All of us tried to get into three different clubs and got rejected to all of them.  Bitches.  Went back to the hostel bar and saw the sixteen-year-olds again.  Duuuuuuuude.

Munich is rad so far, but we have not seen nothing yet.

  • Amit Levy

    SOOOOOOOO illegal…

  • Awesome. I wish I was there, sounds like my kind of place…Go find them 16ers..when in Munich right?