Seattle: The City With One Season and Intermittent Change

I remember my first Seattle autumn.  Having come from Los Angeles, the city with one season, the sight of brown leaves flowing in the wind reminded me of “the most beautiful thing in the world” according to Ricky Fitts in American Beauty.  I was so happy to see an autumn and be in a city that actually had seasons.  I’ve since revised my perception of Seattle’s seasons.

Having lived in Seattle for four years now I’m confident that I’ve seen what the city is capable of.  I’ve backpacked on the Olympic Peninsula, biked around San Juan Island, hiked up Mt. Rainier and snowboarded down, surfed at Westport, and lived in Seattle while attending the University of Washington.  After four years I’ve made a conclusion about Seattle: it is a city with one season and intermittent change.  Here’s the breakdown:

  • June – August: warm rain with occasional gloom and sunshine
  • September – November: rain and gloom with occasional falling leaves and potentially freezing temperatures, occasional sunshine
  • December – April: cold rain, freezing temperatures, snow, very, very occasional sunshine
  • May: rain with lots of gloom and occasional sunshine

Keep in mind that I’m exaggerating pretty heavily here.  I’m bitter that I gave my rear fender to Glenn forgot to bring my rear fender on my commute this morning, leaving me with a wet ass, back, and feet.  Perhaps this is my own fault and not Seattle’s, but I thought I would try and make a funny post out of it.  For the record I’ve had an awesome time in Seattle, and I don’t regret coming here.

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