Lake Washington Loop

Two friends and I cycled around the Lake Washington Loop this Memorial Day Sunday.  We started at Gasworks park, headed north on the Burke-Gilman, east towards lake Samammish, south through Bellevue and Renton, then finally north back to Seattle.  Along the way we stopped at Marymoor park to check out the RC flying field and the velodrome, which was unfortunately closed for maintenance.  The whole ride was about 60 miles and took 4.5 hours, not including stopping.  Including stopping the ride took about 6 hours, because we spent a lot of time at Marymoor and stopped for a smoothy in downtown Bellevue.  There’s only one really big hill at about mile 25, but I would say that a large majority of the ride is flat.  We only spent a small amount of time on high-traffic roads, the rest being spent either on trails or low-use roads.  It was an awesome ride, and I would totally recommend it.

I’m thinking about stepping it up next weekend if the weather is nice, so stay tuned for more Seattle cycling!